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Nasa's Space Apps 4th & 6th Edition

Posted on 27 Feb, 2023 by Ebrahem
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  • US Embassy Cairo

NASA's annual Global Hackathon is an innovation incubation and civic engagement program that brings together space enthusiasts from around the globe to develop creative solutions to current challenges. Participants are encouraged to use NASA data and promote education, with the ultimate goal of contributing to NASA's Earth Science Mission Directorate and the Open Government Initiative. The program is designed to promote transparency and collaboration, while connecting citizens to the work of the US government.

4th Edition 2018

Our team was tasked with creating a unique way of displaying the upcoming events from NASA. We were provided with an API to access the events and used it to create a calendar app for desktop, written in C#. I was in charge of the development for this project, which was a great challenge and opportunity. The end result was a digital calendar.

6th Edition 2020

Challenge Title: Can You Hear Me Now?

Human missions to Mars are moving from the realm of science fiction to science fact. Your challenge is to design an interactive application to explore the challenge of communicating with astronauts on Mars from Earth.

This project aims to create an improved understanding of Mars by aggregating data from various sources and proposing an improved communication system. The data aggregation will result in a book, website, and mobile application. For the communication system, the project will focus on finding the optimal times for communication with Mars, as well as developing a new system with multiple telescopes for higher-quality photographs. The combination of these goals could revolutionize our understanding and communication with the red planet.