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Project | Queue System for Egypt Tour Packages

Posted on 11 Jul, 2023 by Ebrahem
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Queue System for Egypt Tour Packages (formerly Maarsa Alam Tours) Company

Objective: To enhance customer support operations and provide a seamless communication experience for Egypt Tour Packages, we developed a robust queue system with voice call support and multi-language functionality. The project aimed to improve customer satisfaction and streamline support processes.


  1. Multi-language Support: Users are able to select their preferred language from a range of available options upon entering the queue system.
  2. Voice Call Integration: Leveraging the Zegocloud Calls platform, we seamlessly integrated voice call capabilities into the queue system. Customers are connected with support agents over the internet for a dedicated 3-minute window.
  3. User-friendly Dashboard: A user-friendly dashboard was designed for each language, providing support personnel with the ability to manage the queue, receive calls, and set availability status. The dashboard also includes an average rating system for continuous performance evaluation.
  4. Post-Call Feedback: After the call, customers are directed to a dedicated feedback page where they can provide ratings for our customer service. This feedback is invaluable for refining support processes and enhancing the overall customer experience.
  5. Appreciation Message: Each customer interaction concludes with a heartfelt thank-you message, expressing our gratitude for their trust and support.

Outcome: The Queue System for Egypt Tour Packages has significantly improved customer support operations, fostering seamless communication and delivering personalized assistance to travelers. The integration of voice call support and multi-language functionality has ensured a smoother and more efficient support experience. Continuous feedback and performance evaluation enable us to refine our processes and provide exceptional service to each and every customer.

We are proud to contribute to the company's commitment to outstanding service and support, making Egypt Tour Packages a preferred choice for travelers seeking exceptional customer care.