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Project | Japta Pest Control System

Posted on 27 Feb, 2023 by Ebrahem
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Japta For Food Chain Solutions

is a leading service and supplying company that is dedicated to supporting food chains in the Middle East and Africa. They strive to provide integrity and quality through their primary services and products.

Japta's CEO Eng Jamal contacted me to design and create a cloud system for their Pest Control service. This service helps protect food factories from any type of contamination such as rodents, flying insects, and other insects.

Project Details

The cloud system was designed to accommodate three types of users: Super Admins, Technicians, and Clients.

Super Admins were able to create defense lines, complete with the properties they specified, and also to create user accounts for Clients. The Super Admin was also able to build a user factory map and insert traps onto the system. Print QR code to place it on each trap, the trap inherit the defense line properties.

Technicians were then able to visit the factory site and check each trap, scanning its QR code to insert the properties and choices for each property, such as “good”, “broken”, and “missing”.

The Client, in turn, was able to view all traps, the map built by the Super Admin, and various stats about their traps, defense lines, and even each floor of the factory in detail.

My work

The entire cloud system was built from scratch and took me three months to complete, working two hours a day. It was a challenging project as it involved coding, Database design, and more.

With this cloud system, Japta For Food Chain Solutions is able to provide their clients with the highest quality of service and products. They are confident that their cloud system will help keep their clients’ food factories safe and secure.