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Project | Egypt Tour Packages Management System

Posted on 11 Jul, 2023 by Ebrahem
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Egypt Tour Packages Management System

Introducing the Egypt Tour Packages Management System, a project developed under the new name to enhance the operations of "Marsa Alam Tours," a renowned local tour company in Egypt. With a focus on providing exceptional small group, private, and customized tours, along with a wide range of additional services, this management system streamlines the booking process and facilitates efficient tour management.

Given the client's urgent requirement for a comprehensive management system, I decided to utilize the Backpack for Laravel framework. This choice allowed for quick development, enabling me to deliver the system within a short timeframe of just one to two weeks. The emphasis during development was on creating an intuitive user interface and seamless CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) functionality.

The Egypt Tour Packages Management System incorporates a multi-role system to accommodate various user types. Administrators hold full control, with the ability to perform all system operations. Trip entries users, on the other hand, are limited to accessing and editing the trips they have added, as well as adding new trips. Lastly, public users have restricted permissions, granting them the ability to view specific trip details.

Trips within the system are enriched with associated data, including day-by-day itineraries outlining the program for each day. Payment information is also captured, allowing for multiple payment entries per trip. Additionally, contact information for multiple passengers is recorded, ensuring seamless communication. Moreover, the system allows for the attachment of PDF or image files related to each trip.

As an added feature, administrators have the capability to create new trip entries, further expanding the available options for customers.

For public users, the system offers a convenient search functionality. Users can search for trips based on specific dates and view all relevant details. This feature provides a user-friendly experience and enables quick access to desired information.

Considering the time constraints of development, the focus has primarily been on functionality rather than the overall design. The system currently utilizes the default design provided by Backpack for Laravel. However, future enhancements can be made to enhance the visual aesthetics and user experience based on client requirements.

The Egypt Tour Packages Management System is an ongoing project, and there is flexibility to incorporate additional features and functionalities as per the client's evolving needs. The primary goal remains to provide a reliable and efficient platform for managing tour packages, streamlining operations, and ensuring an exceptional customer experience.

Note : There is no project site link since this project is a private Web App

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