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Project | Material Dental Store

Posted on 27 Feb, 2023 by Ebrahem
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Material Dental Store: An Innovative E-Commerce Platform for Dental Students Across Egypt.

Material Dental Store is an e-commerce store that specializes in providing dental materials to students from universities across Egypt. Recently, Dr. Mahmoud contacted me to design a custom store that fits the needs of his business. The store was designed to provide students with tailored packages based on their university and grade level, so they can feel more comfortable when they purchase the items they need.

Project Details

The store also allows students to customize their packages by removing, adding, and adjusting the quantity of products. Additionally, students can access and edit their orders for up to two days after placement.

From the dashboard, Material Dental Store's team can access and add universities, grades, and products, as well as build packages that can be linked to specific grades in specific universities. The team can also manage orders, set their status, schedule shipping, and export accepted orders to an Excel sheet for the call center to contact the students.

Each product also has its own stock and properties for the student to choose from. If the stock is not enough for an order, the customer is added to a waiting list for the out-of-stock products. The admin can then decide when to serve these out-of-stock orders.


Thanks to this system, Material Dental Store has seen an influx of thousands of orders per day. With just 40 working days -two hours a day- of work, the store was able to become a success.