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Project | Naviart's Travian Legends

Posted on 27 Feb, 2023 by Ebrahem
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Naviart's Travian Legends Project

is an innovative web app and desktop app client and API, designed to improve the gaming experience of the Travian Legends (the Clone of the popular game Travian). Players can purchase packages on the website, which the app collects data from, allowing them to use the game more effectively.

Naviart's Travian Legends is a browser-based statistical war game, requiring players to be constantly on their computer in order to build, attack villages, or complete any other actions. The app provides an easy-to-use platform that allows players to schedule tasks, freeing them up to enjoy the game without having to be constantly present.

My Work

i have worked hard to deliver a highly-functional and user-friendly app that the owner of this game was satisfied with. Unfortunately, the game was shut down shortly after the app was completed, leaving it no longer in use or available.

Naviart's Travian Legends Project was an ambitious endeavor that helped to improve the gaming experience for fans of the popular game Travian. While the project was ultimately unsuccessful, i was proud to have been part of such an interesting and innovative project